What we do

Our architects do more than simply “draw plans” and our expertise extend far beyond the mere designing of new buildings. We are multi-disciplinary specialists and tend to refurbishments, restorations, preservation, as well as advising on various matters such as suitability of a property for a specific development, incorporating sustainable energy efficient technologies, appointing various consultants such as engineers, town planners, and quantity surveyors. Our office works in well defined stages during the entire design and construction phases.

  • + Apraisal & Defenition
  • Consultation with client
  • + design concept
  • Sketch design plans
  • + design development
  • Design drawings Plans Elevation
  • + Technical documentation
  • Technical/Construction Drawings
  • Energy Efficiency Calculations Layouts
  • Council Documentation
  • Photo Realistic 3D imaging
  • Fenestration Calculations
  • Home Owners Associations Approval
  • City Council Approval
  • + site inspection
  • Consultation with Professionals such as
    engineers / QS / Site Planners etc.
  • Site suppervision and formal meetings
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